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Dynavin E46 HVAC Relocation Bracket with 2 USBs (Single or Individual Row) LHD only

Dynavin E46 HVAC Relocation Bracket with 2 USBs (Single or Individual Row) LHD only

$ 64.99
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Brand: Dynavin

Please be sure to make the correct selection for your car: Single Row or Individual Row. They are not interchangeable. See below for details. 

***FOR LEFT-HAND DRIVE E46s ONLY (Right-hand drive version not available.)

All BMW E46s without OEM navigation require the HVAC relocation bracket (either the "single row" or "individual row") to install a double-din radio such as a Dynavin.

This bracket makes it convenient to access your USB ports and eliminates the need for USB flush mounting or unsightly hanging wires. So, even if  you have the OEM nav E46, you can use this bracket to easily access your Dynavin USB ports.

Please note: this bracket eliminates the ashtray compartment. 

THE SINGLE ROW VERSION NOW INCLUDES BOTH CONFIGURATIONS: 2 USB and 2 USB with one 12V so you can choose when you install it.

Should I use the "2 USB" or "12V" configuration?

The "12V" Dynavin bracket includes two USB ports --one for USB charging only (3A or 12V) and one for multimedia that plugs into a USB port on the back of the Dynavin or other aftermarket radio. The other option, the "2 USB" Dynavin bracket, should be used when installing a Dynavin 8 radio since it has two USB ports: one for Android Auto wired connection and one for firmware updates via USB drive. If installing with a different aftermarket radio, you will most likely want the "12V" version. It just depends on how many USB ports the radio has and whether you want access to both USB media ports ("2USB") rather than just one for media and one for charging only ("12V").

Single Row or Individual Row?  Installing an aftermarket radio? Which HVAC control relocation bracket do I need for my E46?

Look at your car's buttons just above the gear shift. If there are NO SEAMS between or around each button and they are all housed in the same long button housing unit, you need the "single row relocation bracket" as pictured below. The single row bracket version is for switches that are part of and pull out as a long, single unit. You may have any number of buttons but if there are NO SEAMS BETWEEN each button, your car needs the single row version bracket. Newer E46 models particularly M3's typically have the "single row" configuration.

 (Single Row button style)


The individual row version is for buttons that pull out individually. If you can see SEAMS between or around each button (as pictured below) or you have one button with a "blank" filling in the rest of the area, you need an "individual row relocation bracket".  The number of buttons is irrelevant but what is crucial is if there are vertical seams between each button, your car needs the individual row version bracket.

 (Individual Row button style)


If you're not sure which one you need, email us a picture of your console and we will let you know!

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